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I’m currently in love with K-Indie songs and at 3:11 am, the time I’m typing this, I feel like it’s a must to write about the songs I like. I like K-Pop; all the upbeat, loud songs that feels like an energy drink to me, but I’ve also started to like songs that reminds me of coffee, that 2 in the morning coffee that doesn’t only emit physical warmth, but also warms your insides. Coffee is already appealing to all of my senses but it gets a thousand times prettier in the wee hours, so as these songs, that I don’t even understand but gets to me more than words can.

I was listening to Zion T.’s “Eat” when a video caught my eye, it was a playlist made by Danielions. It was like 7 in the evening, everyone’s busy, there’s still a lot of mess that needs my attention and I  was currently doing my thesis that I got zero knowledge about since it’s my first time trying to do one, I was just typing words and hoping that it sounds okay. I clicked on it without much thought then minimized the browser and continued on with my work.. but only for a short time. The song sounded so mesmerizing and I soon enough realized that it was exactly the sound that I like. So I continued on with hunting for more songs, putting the story of the thesis I was writing into a tragedy. That night I spent all the hours I can spare to listen to songs that were brand new to me, but felt comforting and familiar.

Before I even attempt to type more bad metaphors and poorly constructed sentences, here’s a link of the God sent channel where you can dig in and find good music, you can just simply click here. Also, just a separate recommendation, Hello Gayoung’s “The Night That Needs to be Explained Someday” or “언젠가 설명이 필요한 밤” has been on repeat for sometime now and I hope that you’ll appreciate as much or even more than I do.



Lastly, I have my own messy playlist that consists of songs from various great artists that you can listen to on the bus whilst pretending to be in a music video or on late nights while drinking your beloved coffee. You can just click here. It’s not much, it’s just a playlist of songs I rage added after falling in love within it’s first five seconds.

I hope you all have a set of nice songs you can listen to for all kinds of seasons and phases!  Have a great day ahead!

 – llataes


Pinto Art Museum

Hey guys. This is lost inside a book. I’m sorry it took me a long time to post something again (5 days is quite long, trust me) well, it’s because our internet connection has been cut off (curse you slow internet connection!) and I have to rely on broadband so yup, that’s that. Anyway, here it is.


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As you all know it’s already summer here in our country (and the sun is scorching hot!!) but if you’re a wanderlust just like me I’m sure even if the sun is as hot as hell it won’t be a hindrance in your desire to go out and explore. 

My brothers and I have planned last weekend to go to Pinto Art Museum. I’ve heard about it before and I’ve read many reviews about how it’s a good place and how it’s a visual treat to the eye. So, I’ve forced my brothers to go with me. Oh and if you’re wondering what Pinto means, It is a Tagalog word for door. 


Pinto Art Museum is just an hour drive from where I live, yet I feel like I’ve been transported into another country because of its tall open-air Mediterranean-inspired villas, shrouded by well-manicured gardens and landscaped greens and everywhere I looked there seemed to be lots and lots of doorways and paths waiting for you to reveal more hidden treasures to feast your eyes. (I don’t have a photo of the whole place because I focused more on the artworks and the scenery it provided. hehe😳) It is located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal.

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The place consisted of 6 galleries where you can look upon many different kinds of artworks made of different artists who either expresses their passion in art or wanted to say something. Either way, some of it really has a deeper meaning than what it portrays. Here are some of my favorite artworks.

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These two artworks are two of the largest artworks I’ve seen in Gallery 1. When I entered the  room, my mouth literally went agape because of how these two artworks really managed to occupy the whole two sides of the room. The artwork entitled “Karnabal” “Carnival” showed what it looks like when you go into a carnival; it showed the different booths and stalls that you would sometimes see in a carnival, dancing people and many other more. The other artwork that I haven’t got the name reminded me of the book of revelation in the bible and quite frankly, I’ve had goosebumps when I looked into it.

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These four pieces of statues or sculptures really took my breath away; it’s a fan-favorite among all of the artworks I have seen in there. The artwork entitled “Oblivious” is an amazing steel wire sculpture depicting a man and a woman. I think what it wanted to say is like here you can have my heart (Too sappy right? Haha) The artwork entitled “The Hollow Man” depicts a man who is riding on a swing. It looks simple but the meaning behind this impressive artwork is too deep (I didn’t really understand its description.) The Mother Nature is one of the steel sculptures that you will first notice upon entering the museum. It depicts a mother with a baby on her womb. The sculpture is intricately designed with graceful swirls and curves on its body like it’s a design pattern for a dress but you can see that’s the curves and swirls are more focused and placed on the mother’s womb possibly reflecting the delicateness of the woman bearing a child. You can actually see the baby sculpture inside her womb. And last but not the least, the untitled sculpture. I don’t know but this sculpture really made a mark on my mind because when I stared at it, it’s like saying that “I wanted to be free” It’s like depicting what many women out there are currently feeling right now; being trapped in a cage and being put into the “right place” just because of her gender (oh the joys of being a woman *Note the sarcasms) It’s like this sculpture wanted the world to realize that women shouldn’t be controlled and be put on a leash, they can be free and can do whatever they want without being restricted just because they are a girl. This artwork is a favorite of mine. I can say that it got me hook, line and sinker.

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As we go along, we came across a meditation garden dedicated to the famous sad love story of Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera. As you slowly approach the place you’ll be able to hear a spoken word piece being played which told the love story and failed engagement between our national hero and his erstwhile fiancée. Set to a backdrop of a musical cello and piano piece, the piece recounted how their engagement was broken by Rivera’s mother, who intervened in their affair by hiding Rizal’s letters from her daughter because she opposed the match. As a part of the theme, the small garden also contained a garden with a desk containing letters labeled “The Undelivered Project” next to a pile of stationary and pens. A handwritten guide instructed people to empty their thoughts and write anonymous letters to the ones whom they had loved and lost (Talk about the one that got away eyy) It was strictly said there that we are forbidden to read all the letters inside but I was really curious to read all the letters of heartbreak and unrequited love that lay unopened in the drawers. If you’re wondering if I wrote a letter too. Yes, yes I did, and just like all the other letters there I want it to be undelivered as well because even though I poured all my heart into it and say what I wanted to say to my TOTGA in there, I think it is best to just move on and left what’s in the past behind us even though it might seem unfinished (I’m rambling sentiments, forgive me huhuhu)

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If you love to see many artworks and painting and have a passion for art, I recommend you to visit Pinto Arts Museum; I assure you that it will be worth it. Your eyes and your shutterbug cravings will be satisfied by all of the picturesque well-curated collection of modern paintings, sculptures and art installations. Everything in this place screams art, creativity and passion.


P200 for regular ticket

P180 for senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs

P100 for children and students with proper school IDs

Free for children below 3 years old   


Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS.


  • Contact info: (02) 6971015
  • Email:
  • Facebook page: Pinto Art Museum.
  • Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • The museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS. (Guess they hate Mondays as well. Kidding! Hahaha )
  • They are open during holidays (as long as it’s not a Monday.)
  • Guided Tour Schedule: 09:00 am – 11:00 am; 12:00 nn – 02:00 pm; 02:00 pm – 04:00 pm; 04:30 pm – 06:00 pm
  • No food or pets are allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the museum.
  • No flash photography.



If you are from Quezon City just like me, you can ride a jeep that’s says Sta. Lucia (My brothers and I decided to ride a cab, it cost us 150 pesos) and should drop you off at Felix Avenue (the corner with Robinson’s Metro East & Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall) once you’re there you’ll need to ride another jeep that’s going to Antipolo and will get to Ynares Center. Once you reach the Ynares Center, take a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Grand Heights Subdivision and viola! you’ve reached your destination. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post.

–  lostinsideabook

Miseries of Ticket Selling

Hello people! My first post was long overdue, I really just want to write about anything but I always end up deleting because it’s not going anywhere but now I have a topic I’m passionate to ramble about. Excuse my grammar and my poor explaining skills or excuse the whole mess I’m about to type.

Recap of the ticketing last April 2: A mess. The first time I tried to buy a ticket for a concert was last year. I didn’t know how things work, I’m not familiar with the mall that I don’t even know where to buy the tickets. I only go to malls whenever it’s really needed because ultimately, there’s nothing better than being at home, but for the love of God, I did the extremes to get my hands on a concert ticket.


Buying the concert ticket online is an option too, but because I don’t own a credit card, neither my family members, I can’t excuse myself from running in the mall at 10 am.

I really feel disappointed with the system and also to myself. On the two instances where I tried to buy tickets, my target seat would always be of the lowest price. To be honest, I still think that it’s not practical to spend so much to see someone, but welp, if you have the money then spend it to your heart’s content, I’m in no position to judge and thinking about it now, I feel like if I had tried to save more money or if I dreamed of getting a nicer seat then I wouldn’t have failed to get a seat just some minutes after the ticket selling started.

Last year, I went to SM Fairview at 7 am to buy a General Admission ticket for BTS Epilogue Concert. I went there with a light heart, I wasn’t so prepared and I literally look like the shooked Spongebob meme or something but I’m blessed enough to have met a mutual instantly.

I was seventh on the line of the entrance gate so I really had my hopes up. It never occurred to me that I might not be able to buy the tickets, but crap, I really didn’t. Even after the long line subdued, me and a mutual I made friends with in the line stayed by the counter. But nada, only VIP seats open from time to time and if there’s an available Gen Ad seat, there’s still a line of people ahead of us. I failed to buy a ticket yesterday too. As usual, I came at 7 am, I’m even more scared this time because I’ve already had the firsthand experience of the disappointment that comes along with it. I went with two friends this time and it’s really better to come with friends, we cheered each other up and ran together. I know this might sound so dramatic to you and you might think I’m exaggerating, but reader, it really happened.

In terms of the ticketing system, it’s a real big mess. I can’t really recommend if the online ticketing or joining the chaos in malls is better. If you go with online, you have to have a credit card which I assume not many fans have plus the internet connection of the Philippines is just overall slow and the site crashes and glitches. If you go ticket hunting in the mall, you have to be really early and you should be able to really really run fast, because everyone’s going to run towards the same goal, it’s physically exhausting and after putting so much effort into getting there early and running for your life it sucks a thousand times to fail on getting a ticket. It’s heartbreaking for me to read posts and rants of people who really put in so much effort and time for the ticket selling only to end up going home without the ticket they wanted.

The mall I went to seemed oblivious of the ticket selling that would take place, they weren’t prepared, people are impatient and so are they that it ended up in arguments. They could’ve given us queuing numbers, they saw that there’s a lot of people outside and it’s not like it’s the first time that people ran around the mall for a ticket, not giving people queuing numbers is just the same with letting us run free which may end up with accidents aka the main reason why they shout and scold us. All of us could’ve done better.

Anyway, I thought that the upcoming Wings Tour concert would be the highlight of my summer, which I hope, yes, please become the highlight of my summer, but because I still don’t have a concert ticket I’m still on the edge. Funny how this concert would be the highlight when my birthday takes place on the same month ㅠㅠ I wasn’t so ready but my heart is during the first try. I was ready in every aspect this time but I still failed. Makes me wonder what type of ritual should I execute the next time… where did I exactly go wrong? When is it the right time for me to see the people I love? How much effort do I still have to exert when I already feel like I’m giving it my all? I’m introverted and not athletic, just the worst type of combination for this type of event, but I ran and gave it my best shot to the point that my P.E Teacher would be mad angry that I didn’t try this hard during classes.

I cried the first time I typed this, I ain’t even writing anything sad on the first paragraph 😂, but the thought that I failed again and my chance to see them this time is really small is just really sad. I’d just like to believe that the seats I would love to be seated in are filled with more deserving people. Please shout and get extra lit and wild on behalf of the fans who aren’t there to watch 😞 It hasn’t ended yet though, I still have that slim chance of getting in but I really don’t want to work myself up so much because the disappointment gets doubled.. tripled.

I might not be seeing 방탄소년단 this year, but I have chances left right? (I can fail more lmao)

To everyone who is #TeamBahay and #TeamNaubusan, I know it’s hard, stressful and heartbreaking that you’re efforts and hardwork isn’t sufficed but I’m sure one day our time will come. We’d be the ones cheering for the boys, experiencing the greatness of a live show, seeing the awesome people you love and support with all your heart. Might not be today 😉 but it’ll come right?

Pamper yourself, buy yourself a nice meal, get yourself bomb ass clothes with the money that’s supposedly for the concert or just save it up for the next one. Either of those, enjoy and love yourself, don’t let it spoil your whole summer!


To The Boy I Once Had


What we had before was something inexplicable.

It felt like something that’s quite unobtainable.

Your eyes is a tantamount of a blazing fire,

That seems to stare at me like I’m something worth loving for.

You we’re the one who burst like a splash of colors,

In my world that appears to be just dull and mellow.

You look to be something that came out of the shadow

And turn my world sixty degrees within just one second.

I thought what we had is something more genuine.

Like an epoch in my world that seems to be used with normality.

But I guess I was wrong, because you’re not meant to stay for eternity.

You’re just like an air that passed through to bring me nothing but plain agony.

And now I’ve moved on

But then you came back and defect my little bubble,

With your roundly face and big broad smile

That used to look like Bradley Cooper

And now as we walked through this bridge

I wondered if there’s a reason why we meet.

When it seems to be so long

Since our paths have ever met.

Like there’s something more

Than just hurtful words and blurry eyes

That we throwed at each other

Before our last goodbye.

But as your form slowly drifts way

I realized that maybe this was the end of you and I

That what happened today is nothing more but just a memory

That I’ll replay when I think of you when I’m in misery.

So now I say my last goodbye

To the boy that had made me cry.

To the boy that had been the reason for my sleepless nights

And to the boy that I knew I will never once again have.



2:46 am: The First Note


A pleasant morning, afternoon or evening to anyone reading this right now! (You deserve a cookie for getting here) After some time of contemplating, sharing of insights and ambitions of having a blog, we’ve finally created one! Yes, finally we’ve manage to start something and mind you it’s already 1 am here – talk about 1am thoughts eyy.

It’s already summer here in our country (in case you don’t know and we haven’t said it, we live in the Philippines) and as two teenagers who doesn’t know how to mingle and socialize – practically an introverts – and has no place to go and nothing else to do. We’ve decided to make a blog. Hooray for that!

We don’t know the first thing or rule on how to do and manage this thing but we just wanted to share practically what we want to share: thoughts we can’t say out loud, our daily musings about certain things – basically anything that is random and is just a spur of the moment kind of thoughts.

So let’s start with introductions

Hey llataes here! I don’t do anything special, I don’t have a talent to be proud of either, like most people (or so I thought) I spend most of the day just switching between four sites; Twitter – the love of my life, a basic necessity, a need, a must, my oxygen. Instagram- I go here to scroll for like 6 seconds only to go back to Twitter. Facebook no matter how much I want to quit this, all of my ancestors, friends and their friends’ friends can all be easily contacted here, therefore, I just can’t. Kissasian or Dramanices- a must go-to, I think I spend most of my time here but I just don’t realize because time spent here isn’t measured by hours, minutes or seconds… how many episodes did I watch? Right. I measure time through the number of episodes I’ve watched, basically if I only watched an episode or two….. welp, we didn’t spend so much time here and we can do better! I’m also into K-Pop, my ultimate favorites are BTS and f(x), but I love a lot of groups, I’m not just brave enough to commit. I like K-Indie too! After bopping to loud and upbeat songs, K-Indie songs massages my painfully awkward existence and I’m all good. All of the things aforementioned are the stuff I’m mostly going to talk about! Also, I guess, I must include a warning for I might regularly cry about a man named Taehyung or Kelvin or Bob, just a preview of what it’s going to be! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I hope so)

And I’m the girl lose inside a book. I’m a wide reader (as you can guess about my pseudonym), I promote reading, I breathe and love books more than I love people! Really, I do. I love to read novels, poems, wattpad, fan fiction, etc. and my favorite among all of the books I’ve read so far is Harry Potter.  I guess you’ve already thought about that because as I can conclude so far, basically half of the bookworms I know love Harry Potter so yeah; I’m one of the Potter heads. (Virtually raises a wand) I’m also a fan of Disney. Yes, even though I’m already 17 I still sing along whenever I hear “Hakuna Matata” and “Make a man out of you”. My favorite Disney movie would be Beauty and The Beast. It’s one of the movies that I’ll never get tired of watching over and over again and Belle is one of the reason why I’ve learn to love reading, she inspired me to fight for what I want and to never be bothered on what others might think or say about you as long as you love what you are doing. My hobby besides reading is photography. For me picture is the one thing where you can look back into and relieve past memories and happenings, that’s why I like to take photos of every moment and basically everything that’s remarkable and will surely hold thousands of memories.  

We may have a lot of differences when it comes in our likes and interest but still, here we are making a blog together and we hope that you’ll manage to be with us as we fill this blog with our with our coffee induced, 24/7 writings


llataes & lose inside a book 


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