Listen to This

I’m currently in love with K-Indie songs and at 3:11 am, the time I’m typing this, I feel like it’s a must to write about the songs I like. I like K-Pop; all the upbeat, loud songs that feels like an energy drink to me, but I’ve also started to like songs that reminds me of coffee, that 2 in the morning coffee that doesn’t only emit physical warmth, but also warms your insides. Coffee is already appealing to all of my senses but it gets a thousand times prettier in the wee hours, so as these songs, that I don’t even understand but gets to me more than words can.

I was listening to Zion T.’s “Eat” when a video caught my eye, it was a playlist made by Danielions. It was like 7 in the evening, everyone’s busy, there’s still a lot of mess that needs my attention and I  was currently doing my thesis that I got zero knowledge about since it’s my first time trying to do one, I was just typing words and hoping that it sounds okay. I clicked on it without much thought then minimized the browser and continued on with my work.. but only for a short time. The song sounded so mesmerizing and I soon enough realized that it was exactly the sound that I like. So I continued on with hunting for more songs, putting the story of the thesis I was writing into a tragedy. That night I spent all the hours I can spare to listen to songs that were brand new to me, but felt comforting and familiar.

Before I even attempt to type more bad metaphors and poorly constructed sentences, here’s a link of the God sent channel where you can dig in and find good music, you can just simply click here. Also, just a separate recommendation, Hello Gayoung’s “The Night That Needs to be Explained Someday” or “언젠가 설명이 필요한 밤” has been on repeat for sometime now and I hope that you’ll appreciate as much or even more than I do.



Lastly, I have my own messy playlist that consists of songs from various great artists that you can listen to on the bus whilst pretending to be in a music video or on late nights while drinking your beloved coffee. You can just click here. It’s not much, it’s just a playlist of songs I rage added after falling in love within it’s first five seconds.

I hope you all have a set of nice songs you can listen to for all kinds of seasons and phases!  Have a great day ahead!

 – llataes


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