2:46 am: The First Note


A pleasant morning, afternoon or evening to anyone reading this right now! (You deserve a cookie for getting here) After some time of contemplating, sharing of insights and ambitions of having a blog, we’ve finally created one! Yes, finally we’ve manage to start something and mind you it’s already 1 am here – talk about 1am thoughts eyy.

It’s already summer here in our country (in case you don’t know and we haven’t said it, we live in the Philippines) and as two teenagers who doesn’t know how to mingle and socialize – practically an introverts – and has no place to go and nothing else to do. We’ve decided to make a blog. Hooray for that!

We don’t know the first thing or rule on how to do and manage this thing but we just wanted to share practically what we want to share: thoughts we can’t say out loud, our daily musings about certain things – basically anything that is random and is just a spur of the moment kind of thoughts.

So let’s start with introductions

Hey llataes here! I don’t do anything special, I don’t have a talent to be proud of either, like most people (or so I thought) I spend most of the day just switching between four sites; Twitter – the love of my life, a basic necessity, a need, a must, my oxygen. Instagram- I go here to scroll for like 6 seconds only to go back to Twitter. Facebook no matter how much I want to quit this, all of my ancestors, friends and their friends’ friends can all be easily contacted here, therefore, I just can’t. Kissasian or Dramanices- a must go-to, I think I spend most of my time here but I just don’t realize because time spent here isn’t measured by hours, minutes or seconds… how many episodes did I watch? Right. I measure time through the number of episodes I’ve watched, basically if I only watched an episode or two….. welp, we didn’t spend so much time here and we can do better! I’m also into K-Pop, my ultimate favorites are BTS and f(x), but I love a lot of groups, I’m not just brave enough to commit. I like K-Indie too! After bopping to loud and upbeat songs, K-Indie songs massages my painfully awkward existence and I’m all good. All of the things aforementioned are the stuff I’m mostly going to talk about! Also, I guess, I must include a warning for I might regularly cry about a man named Taehyung or Kelvin or Bob, just a preview of what it’s going to be! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I hope so)

And I’m the girl lose inside a book. I’m a wide reader (as you can guess about my pseudonym), I promote reading, I breathe and love books more than I love people! Really, I do. I love to read novels, poems, wattpad, fan fiction, etc. and my favorite among all of the books I’ve read so far is Harry Potter.  I guess you’ve already thought about that because as I can conclude so far, basically half of the bookworms I know love Harry Potter so yeah; I’m one of the Potter heads. (Virtually raises a wand) I’m also a fan of Disney. Yes, even though I’m already 17 I still sing along whenever I hear “Hakuna Matata” and “Make a man out of you”. My favorite Disney movie would be Beauty and The Beast. It’s one of the movies that I’ll never get tired of watching over and over again and Belle is one of the reason why I’ve learn to love reading, she inspired me to fight for what I want and to never be bothered on what others might think or say about you as long as you love what you are doing. My hobby besides reading is photography. For me picture is the one thing where you can look back into and relieve past memories and happenings, that’s why I like to take photos of every moment and basically everything that’s remarkable and will surely hold thousands of memories.  

We may have a lot of differences when it comes in our likes and interest but still, here we are making a blog together and we hope that you’ll manage to be with us as we fill this blog with our with our coffee induced, 24/7 writings


llataes & lose inside a book 



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