Miseries of Ticket Selling

Hello people! My first post was long overdue, I really just want to write about anything but I always end up deleting because it’s not going anywhere but now I have a topic I’m passionate to ramble about. Excuse my grammar and my poor explaining skills or excuse the whole mess I’m about to type.

Recap of the ticketing last April 2: A mess. The first time I tried to buy a ticket for a concert was last year. I didn’t know how things work, I’m not familiar with the mall that I don’t even know where to buy the tickets. I only go to malls whenever it’s really needed because ultimately, there’s nothing better than being at home, but for the love of God, I did the extremes to get my hands on a concert ticket.


Buying the concert ticket online is an option too, but because I don’t own a credit card, neither my family members, I can’t excuse myself from running in the mall at 10 am.

I really feel disappointed with the system and also to myself. On the two instances where I tried to buy tickets, my target seat would always be of the lowest price. To be honest, I still think that it’s not practical to spend so much to see someone, but welp, if you have the money then spend it to your heart’s content, I’m in no position to judge and thinking about it now, I feel like if I had tried to save more money or if I dreamed of getting a nicer seat then I wouldn’t have failed to get a seat just some minutes after the ticket selling started.

Last year, I went to SM Fairview at 7 am to buy a General Admission ticket for BTS Epilogue Concert. I went there with a light heart, I wasn’t so prepared and I literally look like the shooked Spongebob meme or something but I’m blessed enough to have met a mutual instantly.

I was seventh on the line of the entrance gate so I really had my hopes up. It never occurred to me that I might not be able to buy the tickets, but crap, I really didn’t. Even after the long line subdued, me and a mutual I made friends with in the line stayed by the counter. But nada, only VIP seats open from time to time and if there’s an available Gen Ad seat, there’s still a line of people ahead of us. I failed to buy a ticket yesterday too. As usual, I came at 7 am, I’m even more scared this time because I’ve already had the firsthand experience of the disappointment that comes along with it. I went with two friends this time and it’s really better to come with friends, we cheered each other up and ran together. I know this might sound so dramatic to you and you might think I’m exaggerating, but reader, it really happened.

In terms of the ticketing system, it’s a real big mess. I can’t really recommend if the online ticketing or joining the chaos in malls is better. If you go with online, you have to have a credit card which I assume not many fans have plus the internet connection of the Philippines is just overall slow and the site crashes and glitches. If you go ticket hunting in the mall, you have to be really early and you should be able to really really run fast, because everyone’s going to run towards the same goal, it’s physically exhausting and after putting so much effort into getting there early and running for your life it sucks a thousand times to fail on getting a ticket. It’s heartbreaking for me to read posts and rants of people who really put in so much effort and time for the ticket selling only to end up going home without the ticket they wanted.

The mall I went to seemed oblivious of the ticket selling that would take place, they weren’t prepared, people are impatient and so are they that it ended up in arguments. They could’ve given us queuing numbers, they saw that there’s a lot of people outside and it’s not like it’s the first time that people ran around the mall for a ticket, not giving people queuing numbers is just the same with letting us run free which may end up with accidents aka the main reason why they shout and scold us. All of us could’ve done better.

Anyway, I thought that the upcoming Wings Tour concert would be the highlight of my summer, which I hope, yes, please become the highlight of my summer, but because I still don’t have a concert ticket I’m still on the edge. Funny how this concert would be the highlight when my birthday takes place on the same month ㅠㅠ I wasn’t so ready but my heart is during the first try. I was ready in every aspect this time but I still failed. Makes me wonder what type of ritual should I execute the next time… where did I exactly go wrong? When is it the right time for me to see the people I love? How much effort do I still have to exert when I already feel like I’m giving it my all? I’m introverted and not athletic, just the worst type of combination for this type of event, but I ran and gave it my best shot to the point that my P.E Teacher would be mad angry that I didn’t try this hard during classes.

I cried the first time I typed this, I ain’t even writing anything sad on the first paragraph 😂, but the thought that I failed again and my chance to see them this time is really small is just really sad. I’d just like to believe that the seats I would love to be seated in are filled with more deserving people. Please shout and get extra lit and wild on behalf of the fans who aren’t there to watch 😞 It hasn’t ended yet though, I still have that slim chance of getting in but I really don’t want to work myself up so much because the disappointment gets doubled.. tripled.

I might not be seeing 방탄소년단 this year, but I have chances left right? (I can fail more lmao)

To everyone who is #TeamBahay and #TeamNaubusan, I know it’s hard, stressful and heartbreaking that you’re efforts and hardwork isn’t sufficed but I’m sure one day our time will come. We’d be the ones cheering for the boys, experiencing the greatness of a live show, seeing the awesome people you love and support with all your heart. Might not be today 😉 but it’ll come right?

Pamper yourself, buy yourself a nice meal, get yourself bomb ass clothes with the money that’s supposedly for the concert or just save it up for the next one. Either of those, enjoy and love yourself, don’t let it spoil your whole summer!



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