To The Boy I Once Had


What we had before was something inexplicable.

It felt like something that’s quite unobtainable.

Your eyes is a tantamount of a blazing fire,

That seems to stare at me like I’m something worth loving for.

You we’re the one who burst like a splash of colors,

In my world that appears to be just dull and mellow.

You look to be something that came out of the shadow

And turn my world sixty degrees within just one second.

I thought what we had is something more genuine.

Like an epoch in my world that seems to be used with normality.

But I guess I was wrong, because you’re not meant to stay for eternity.

You’re just like an air that passed through to bring me nothing but plain agony.

And now I’ve moved on

But then you came back and defect my little bubble,

With your roundly face and big broad smile

That used to look like Bradley Cooper

And now as we walked through this bridge

I wondered if there’s a reason why we meet.

When it seems to be so long

Since our paths have ever met.

Like there’s something more

Than just hurtful words and blurry eyes

That we throwed at each other

Before our last goodbye.

But as your form slowly drifts way

I realized that maybe this was the end of you and I

That what happened today is nothing more but just a memory

That I’ll replay when I think of you when I’m in misery.

So now I say my last goodbye

To the boy that had made me cry.

To the boy that had been the reason for my sleepless nights

And to the boy that I knew I will never once again have.




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